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Let’s be the healthiest people we know this year

By Nashville Food

Happy New Year! The last few years have been pregnancies and postpartum with hardly any breaks in between, it seems. I haven’t had much consistency in my meal planning, and, more often than not, I couldn’t find the energy or the stomach to cook much. (Thank you @ubereats and @postmates! 👏) My husband said last night, “Let’s be the healthiest people we know this year.” Considering he’d eat nothing but chips and salsa if I didn’t feed him, I have to step up my game. We are focusing on clean, vegetarian foods with the occasional seafood. I’ve been eating meat for a few months and found it made me feel sluggish, so I want to see if I feel a difference when I focus on plants. My youngest is nearly 6 months old and I’m feeling super motivated! I made some good old-fashioned slow-cooked collards today with some baked black-eyed peas, and buttermilk (wheat) cornbread. Here’s to a year of good luck and health for all! 🥂
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