Heading to Jackson, TN

By | Tennessee on Two Wheels

Sometimes its not about the destination as much as it is the journey.

It had been a long week near the end of October when my dad was here visiting from Phoenix to celebrate a bleated birthday here with my wife Leisa and me.

It had been too cold to ride and there were many things to do but most of all was helping him with a lot of things like track financial stuff, help him with his phone that keeps running out of juice, unsubscribing him from recurring subscriptions, etc, etc.

We aren’t exactly sure about what stage his ALZ is in but it seems to be getting worse since I visited him in Phoenix  earlier this year to celebrate his birthday.

So, on Sunday November 5, the weather had warmed up a bit and I had decided I need to get out and ride. I have been wanting to go to Jackson, TN the last couple of weeks because I had never been there and was all excited about grabbing a bit to eat and roam the historic town a bit.

But like most adventures, its what I find along the way that has more importance and meaning.

I started out on the 40 and headed south for awhile and eventually got off because the words were gusty and I hadn’t prepared for that so I hoped on 70W and head along the back roads.

The weather was cloudy that day and as I rode I couldn’t stop thinking about my dad and his neurological condition. It wasn’t long before I came across this old abandoned drive in right around Montgomery Bell, TN. It was tucked back a little off the road so i had to swing around so I could stop and snap a few frames.

#tennesseeontwowheelsThere is something haunting about the old places that used to thrive. I wonder who came here, who they were with, and their conversations that once filled this space at night as the cars rolled in to  gather around and watch movies.

I vaguely remember my dad telling me about times he wold take his parents car and sneak into the drive in.

The next place i stopped at briefly was this old road side store front that had one been abandoned. I peeked inside to see nothing but some piles of trash. As I looked closer just before leaving, there was a fade Harley Davidson bar and shield sticker on the front window.


I finally arrived in Jackson much later than anticipated. I grab a bite to eat but need to get back on the road to head home. The sun was going down, the autumn leaves continued to swirl beneath my bike and as I rode, I kept thinking about dad, who we call Papa now and the life he has lived and what they coming years will hold.

Looking back I’m grateful for the time he was here, the memories we shared from years ago as well as the ones made while he was here.

I’ll head back to Phoenix here in a few weeks to help with medical appointment updates and next steps.

Til the next ride, be safe and enjoy those moments with your family and friends.

Friendsgiving Potluck

By | Nashville Food

My contribution to my son’s potluck Friendsgiving at school: roasted sweet potatoes; kale salad w/ apples, carrots, cranberries, pistachios, pumpkin seeds; mason jar vinaigrette made of garlic, Dijon, honey, olive oil, lemon juice and s&p. I made the salad and dressing while the potatoes cooked. Everything took about half an hour from start to finish. #friendsgiving #fallfood #feedthemwell #eattherainbow #potluck

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Family-Style Omelet

By | Nashville Food

For brunch yesterday, I made a family-style omelet (we cut it into fourths) and roasted red potatoes with Italian herbs. The omelet had 4 @whitesquirrelfarm eggs, havarti, garlic, corn, red bell pepper, and tomatoes, garnished with fresh parsley. This is an easy and fun way to cook for the whole family and it really takes no time at all to whip up an omelet. We ate ours with fresh salsa and our boys had there’s “with no green stuff”. 😭 #familybrunch #feedthemwell #eattherainbow #eatwholefood #eatrealfood #eatlocal #vegetarianbrunch #vegetarian

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Whole-Wheat Carrot Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins

By | Nashville Food

My son and I made whole wheat carrot chocolate chip mini muffins this morning. I’m a terrible baker and don’t really enjoy baking, but these seem to be fool-proof, as we have made them a lot and they have been good every time. These have @arrowheadmills organic whole wheat flour, baking soda, salt, pumpkin pie spice, turmeric, egg, apple sauce, honey, butter, shredded @whitesquirrelfarm carrots, and mini chocolate chips. This made 36 mini muffins and we’ll take some to a group yoga session my friend put together for the kids this afternoon. #muffins #eatwhole #eatrealfood #brunch #familybrunch #sundayfunday

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Quick Southwest Wrap

By | Nashville Food

I️ was short on time this afternoon, so I️ made my husband this quick southwest wrap for lunch. In a skillet, I️ sautéed black beans, fresh corn, and (cooked) wild rice in olive oil. I️ stirred in some salsa for extra moisture and flavor. On a @mariaandricardos spinach tortilla, I️ layered @whitesquirrelfarm red leaf lettuce, the bean/rice/corn mixture, yellow bell pepper, Mexican cheese, and fresh jalapeño. I️ served it alongside raw, homemade salsa. #southwestlunch #mexican #vegetarian #quickmeal #weekendlunch #10minutemeal #eatrealfood #eatwholefoods

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Lentil Slow-Cooker Soup!

By | Nashville Food

Slow-cooker soup season is among us and I’m happy to be participating fully. Today, I️ made a lentil stew with @whitesquirrelfarm butternut squash, red potatoes, lentils, peas, lots of garlic, veggie broth, and Italian seasonings. When it was done, I️ stirred in some fresh @organicgirl kale and topped it with raw onion, fresh parsley and a squeeze of lemon. My son’s favorite part was the crusty sourdough I️ served with each bowl. #soupseason #slowcookerrecipes #onepotmeal #vegan #vegetarian #eatclean #eatwhole #feedthemwell #eattherainbow

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Bowls Get the Family Back on Track

By | Nashville Food

We’ve been traveling so very much lately. On top of it, my kids had birthdays a week apart and Halloween fell right in the middle. We’re sluggish, to say the least. I usually get my family back on track with bowls of goodness. They don’t always look pretty, but they always have exactly what we need to start feeling better. Tonight, we had Farro bowls with roasted carrots, raw carrot ribbons, sautéed kale, avocado and a sauce I made of raw carrots, ginger, shallot, the juice of two oranges, jalapeño, tahini, s&p and a little water (for consistency). I topped the bowls with pomegranate seeds for a little brightness. I love how anything goes with bowls. The sky is the limit. # nowronganswer #eattherainbow #eatyourveggies #cleaneating #grainbowl #eatrealfood #eatwholefood #feedthemwell #vegan #vegetarian

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Great Weather for a Patio Lunch

By | Nashville Food

We had the most beautiful weather for a quick patio lunch today. I served a @whitesquirrelfarm arugula salad with radishes, tomatoes, and vinaigrette, and @alfrescopasta butternut squash ravioli with a garlic tomato sauce. The sauce was just fresh garlic, onion, diced tomatoes, and Italian herbs. It cooked while the water boiled and the whole meal took about 25 minutes from start to finish. #patioweather #vegetarian #eatlocal #eatfresh #eatrealfood

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