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We’ve been traveling nonstop for 15 days and I couldn’t wait to get us home and eating whole again. On the way home from yoga this morning, I stopped by @cropshopnash to grab a few brunch essentials. We had a frittata with red bell pepper, kale, green onion and basil + roasted cauliflower with an easy lemon caper sauce + mixed greens with lemon juice and olive oil. I cook my frittatas about 80% stovetop and broil in the oven for the last little bit. They’re a brunch go-to for me because they’re low maintenance and so versatile when it comes to ingredients. I also love to save the rest for breakfast the next couple mornings. #saturdaybrunch #familybrunch #weekendbrunch #realfood #wholefood #eatlocal #feedthemwell