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I’m always in the mood for Charcuterie. Tonight, I took a little help from @prbutcher because you can never go wrong with their meats and cheeses. The meats are duck prosciutto and salametto, and the cheeses are goat Gouda, tommes chebris, cheddar, @noblespringsdairy peppercorn chèvre, and Green Hill soft ripened cow’s cheese. I filled the rest of the platter with marcona almonds, cornichon, #somewhereplaceelsefarm pickled okra and baby corn, castelvetrano olives, @lustymonkmustard, red pepper hummus, baguette, crackers, grapes, and cuties. This one will feed a crowd and took about 15 minutes to put together. #charcuterie #meatandcheese #eatlocal #supportlocalfarmers #summernights #labordayweekend