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Grilled Halibut and Greens Spring Rolls

Pizza last night = a day full of greens today. Tonight, I made grilled halibut and greens spring rolls. Besides @virgin_bay_seafood Alaskan halibut, I added kale leaves, cucumber, snap peas, cilantro, and kelp noodles. The sauce is peanut butter, rice vinegar, sesame oil, chili paste, lime juice, Tamari, a splash of water, and a final squeeze of sriracha. It was my first time using kelp noodles and I’ll say they were a bit wet for the brown rice paper, causing it to tear. They were delicious and both kids loved them, but I need to make sure the noodles are very dry next time. #eatyourgreens #homeinmusiccity #simplemeals #eatwholefoods #eatrealfoods #speedymeals #feedthemwell #pescatarian